Value-Based Care

Capture the value you create with care coordination software.


Improve value-based performance metrics.

Provide safe, effective, equitable healthcare to your patients by using care coordination software.


Close efficiency gaps.

Stress-test your organization with custom reporting capabilities. Identify inefficiencies and develop solutions through data analytics to reduce cost.


Proactively engage patients.

Use data analytics to customize the patient experience and make predictive decisions. Simplify engagement with patient-centered care plans.

Close up view of two professional nurses with eyeglasses checking the patient papers in a doctors office.

Performance metrics drive value-based care.

To measure your value-based performance, you need to consider both quality and cost. However, without a software solution, it is hard to monitor and calculate these factors.

Simplify value-based care with a comprehensive software solution.

With DocIndy's care coordination software, you can move towards value-based care. You can connect with patients and physicians, manage care, and guide optimal care decisions.


Improve performance metrics in three steps.

Find the best care coordination software solution within minutes.


Request a software demo.

Get a sense of how DocIndy works, as well as what software package makes the most sense for you.


Seamlessly implement your software solution.

Get up and running at a pace that works for you. Our support team offers training to ensure you know exactly how to use DocIndy.


Engage patients through value-based care.

Provide integrated, coordinated care and meet value-based care goals, so your patients thrive while your organization excels.