Care Management Service Providers

Comprehensive solutions for care management.

DocIndy enables care management organizations to:

  • Manage patients on behalf of multiple physician practices
  • Visualize data, streamline reporting, and ensure HIPAA compliance
  • Monitor and improve care team productivity with site-by-site notifications

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Learn how our platform can help enhance care management services.

Use DocIndy to standardize and scale care management services for your clients.


Grow your solution portfolio

Add DocIndy as a complete care coordination software platform to your wider range of offerings.


Enable integrated, coordinated care.

Handle patients for physician partners. Or, assist providers in making their own care management plans.


Provide direct access to digital healthcare tools

Let your clients use DocIndy's range of healthcare solutions for care coordination, data analysis, and value-based payment methods.

Care coordination in action.

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Match solutions to patient and physician needs.

DocIndy supports multiple preventive health programs.


Care management

Mitigate chronic conditions and support behavioral health with patient-centered care planning.


Remote monitoring

Capture, track, and analyze patient vitals with connectivity to multiple remote devices.


Wellness assessments

Provide risk assessments and streamline advance directives with simplified wellness visits.


Transitions of care

Track hospital discharges and proactively engage patients with notifications and alerts.

Capture comprehensive information with interoperability.

Data from EHRs, HIEs, remote monitoring devices, advance care directives, and a mobile app are captured by bi-directional interoperability to guide individualized care choices.


Analyze and act on data.

DocIndy Analytics can guide care and enhance performance with data collected from different clinical sites and practices.