Care Coordination Software

Improve outcomes with coordinated care transitions.

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Poorly managed care transitions can result in adverse health events and higher costs.

Quality patient-centered care can be hindered by inefficient care transitions, which can also harm value-based performance metrics and cause negative health outcomes. Without integrated care coordination, communication can be restricted for multidisciplinary teams and the management of complex chronic conditions can be impaired. This can affect your patient's experience adversely.

Patient satisfaction lags.

When there is no coordinated care effort between the provider and patient, it can lead to a negative impact on both patient experience and engagement, which can adversely affect patient and practice health.

Quality scores drop.

The financial viability of your organization can be defined by value-based performance metrics. Your grade is determined by the value your patients receive from care coordination and value-based care programs .

Reimbursements decline.

If your value-based performance metrics are poor, you may receive less reimbursement, which can affect your organization's viability and your ability to deliver value to your patients.

Enable care coordination with software.

With DocIndy's complete software solution, your organization can communicate and coordinate better to lower the total cost of care and enhance patient happiness and value-based care results. Use automated processes, medication management tools, and wellness evaluations to make chronic care management easier and improve care team cooperation.


Coordinate care transitions in three steps.

Find the best care coordination software package for your needs within minutes.


Request a software demo.

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Seamlessly implement your software solution.

Get up and running at a pace that works for you. Our support team offers training to ensure you know exactly how to use DocIndy.


Engage patients through value-based care.

Provide integrated, coordinated care and meet value-based care goals, so your patients thrive while your organization excels.