Patient Mobile App

Connect physicians, care teams, and patients at critical moments.


A personalized care experience.

Give your patients a complete mobile experience that keeps them motivated and helps them reach their care plan goals. Patients can join telehealth sessions, read educational content, and more.

Telehealth sessions can help you communicate with patients from a distance, while educational content can teach patients about their conditions and treatment options.


Increase access to patient information.

Give smooth access to patient information, such as lab results, medication lists, assessments, and care team details.


Actively communicate with patients.

Connect with patients directly through in-app messages, alerts, and live telehealth sessions.


Inform patients with content.

Teach and involve your patients more with health and wellness content from clinicians. Promote preventive care with information.

A solution designed for clinicians.

Our user-friendly software solutions have assisted many clinics and physician practices in improving patient care and solving care coordination problems.

Telehealth makes it easier for you to provide accessible care.

Use in-app video chat to provide efficient telehealth consultation. Give your patients specific health-related tasks to involve them in wellness and health management.

medicine, technology and healthcare concept - senior patient having video chat with doctor on tablet pc computer at home

In-app features support patient engagement and communication.

Task assignments can direct patients to specific interventions for their conditions. Patients can send daily health status updates to their clinical care team or write progress notes for assigned tasks.

Your patients can also join telehealth sessions, chat securely with their care providers in real-time, and finish assigned health risk and behavioral screening assessments.

Health and wellness content enhances patient experience.

Clinicians create health and wellness content that gives your patients more information about specific conditions and how to cope with them.


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