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With eMARneek, Caregivers are

  • Guided through error proof medication administration
  • Alerted when medications or care tasks are missed
  • Unburdened to focus on Caring for Residents
For Doctors

With eMARneek, Residents receive

  • The Right Medication in the Right Dose
  • Using the Right Route at the Right Time
  • With the Right Documentation, every time
For Patients

Why should my facility use eMARneek?

EMAR systems can produce a 50% to 75% reduction in staff labor hours associated with month-end record keeping and charting procedures. Most importantly, while staff members concentrate on resident care and safety, eMAR eliminates paper-based record keeping and enhances the security of medication inventories and staff identification procedures.

In residential care facilities, eMAR dramatically reduces time spent on medication distribution and the chance of medication-related errors. The system also automates record keeping and notifies nurses when it is time to reorder certain drugs, which streamlines the communication process with pharmacies. Bar code technology verifies current quantities and dosages of every medication. Also, a resident’s photo is associated with each medication pass pertaining to their doctor’s orders, which helps support consistency and accuracy in medication distribution.


With eMARneek Errors are Reduced

  • Strong integration with pharmacy systems ensures order accuracy
  • Alerts notify caregivers when medications, treatments or care tasks are missed
  • Barcode scanning confirms correct medications and appropriate doses

With eMARneek Compliance is Ensured

  • Every medication, treatment, behavior and care task record is fully documented
  • Extensive reporting of clinical, regulatory, and quality information
  • Controlled substances are safeguarded by requiring accurate counts

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eMARneek is truly a next generation eMAR system. It's UI and ease of use is second to none.

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