Chronic Care Management Software

Help patients identify and achieve chronic care goals

DocIndy is an end-to-end solution for Chronic Care Management.

Simplify patient enrollment and engagement, create comprehensive, customized care plans, and monitor services and billable time.


A comprehensive platform to optimize care delivery

Handle chronic conditions with SMART objectives, care plans, evidence-based risk evaluations, and patient data.

  • Create personalized, measurable goals to monitor progress and track patient success

  • Engage and educate patients with tools for comprehensive care planning

  • Track and report services, time logs and CPT codes for a simplified record of care.


Manage all CCM program patients

You can adjust columns and filters to arrange patients by their care manager/physician, patient status, billable CCM time, call status, customizable flags, conditions, and risk level.

Plan and care for social determinants of health

Care plans can record detail on conditions and their associated obstacles. Guided assessments gather patients’ SDOH to guarantee care is thorough.


Simplify billing

You can automatically allocate Chronic Care Management CPT codes, such as 99490, 99439, 99487, 99489, 99491, 99437 and G0511. You can also record a full audit trail of patient services.