Annual Wellness Visits

Annual Wellness Visits for health risk identification

A software platform to engage, analyze, and manage patient care.

DocIndy streamlines wellness assessments, helps clinicians identify patient health risks, and simplifies claim submissions.


A comprehensive platform for wellness assessments

Inquire about patients' health history, habits, lifestyle, medications, and other factors to create care choices.

  • Automate eligibility checks to be proactive and streamline workflow

  • Use guided, evidence-based assessments to engage patients and collect data

  • Identify health risks to close gaps in care with automated clinical suggestions

Assess wellness, behaviors and lifestyle

Built-in logic evaluates alcoholism, smoking, depression, and behavioral health. It uses evidence-based assessments, such as ADL, CAGE, DAST-10, GAD-7, MDQ, PAC, PHQ-2, and a mini cognitive test.

Assessments follow the American Academy of Family Physicians guidelines.


Track eligibility

Narrow down populations to focus on specific patients who need their Annual Wellness Visit, saving time.

Simplify billing

Automatically allocate Annual Wellness Visit and Advance Care Planning CPT codes, such as G0402, G0438, G0439, G0468 and 99497.


Inform care decisions with patient and provider data


Data interoperability for an inclusive patient picture

Bi-directional interoperability captures data from EHRs, HIEs, remote monitoring devices, advance care directives, and a mobile app to inform personalized care decisions.


Visualize and interpret data with DocIndy Analytics

Track and report performance with data aggregated from across clinical sites. Analytics can help inform decision makers with operational metrics.