Principal Care Management (PCM)

A software solution to manage a principal chronic condition.

Increase revenue and improve patient health outcomes with seamless workflows and intuitive features that simplify Principal Care Management (PCM).

Easily identify patients living with one chronic condition.

Built-in logic automatically flags patients with one chronic condition and adds them to a unique PCM worklist. From there, you can sort patients by a variety of customizable filters.

Many clinics and physician practices use DocIndy to provide value-based care.


Clinician-friendly software.

Through an intuitive design, our PCM software solution automates workflows to simplify time-consuming tasks, minimizing staff burnout.


Comprehensive care plans.

Focus care interventions and services with customizable patient-centered care plans. Use extensive clinical content to target chronic disease management.


For organizations large and small.

Low-risk pricing simplifies start-up and provides flexibility to expand value-based care programs like PCM.


Effective care plan creation.

Easily build, create, and update patient-centered care plans.

With clinical content based on recommendations from the American Academy of Family Physicians, your staff can seamlessly navigate common questions and answers that are automatically provided to effectively identify and manage your patient’s chronic condition.

Track tasks and log PCM services.

Document non-face-to-face PCM service in real-time for an audit-proof record of care. Worklists support 70 common care coordination tasks, including a complete audit trail of the time spent with your patient. This ensures your billing and claims are accurate and efficient.


Stay organized and meet Medicare's requirements with reporting.

Quickly create and share reports with patients and providers. DocIndy's comprehensive reports offer a summary of care coordination services provided to the patient each month, including logged time and audit trails. This will keep your organization compliant with Medicare's rules and regulations for PCM.

Automated claims simplify billing.

Billing and claims worklists provide a checklist to properly bill for principal care of a chronic condition. Once patients are billable, ThoroughCare's comprehensive care coordination solution provides everything needed to accurately submit claims.