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Provide your practice with the best in-class medical software solutions suite from DocIndy (Formerly CloudMD365)

RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring)

NowRPM provides a multi-device kit for your pracctice

CCM (Chronic Care Management)

TCM (Transitional Care Management)

Learn how ApkaMD can enable your practice to be more efficient in CCM/TCM. 

EMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Records)

Learn how eMARNeek can simplify your medication administration records.

How It Works

Care Coordinator

Connected Care Teams                              With integrated data from EHRs and a complete view of the patient in the cloud, the care coordinator has all information needed to develop a highly comprehensive post-acute care plan.

Hospital Team

Connected Care Teams
Before the patient is discharged, the post-acute recovery plan is communicated out to the entire care team, such as primary care physicians, specialists, physical therapists, assisted living nurses, family members, and more.

On-going Care Team

Intelligent Follow-ups
After the patient's discharge, the care team can easily track important milestones and setbacks, collaborate with the entire group, and make more informed decisions about the patient’s recovery.

Family Care Team

Empowering Digital Tools
Once at home, the patient and family members can take advantage of digital tools — from looking up discharge instructions, to setting reminders — that help them adhere to the care plan, while reducing the chance of a costly readmission.


The Care Path We Take...


Connect with patients using today's consumer and medical devices.


Engage with patients using captivating and intuitive programs.


Educate patients with current, relevant and informative content.


Guide patient behavior with outcomes-based clinical pathways.


Monitor and alert on patient biometrics, activity and progress along prescribed pathways.


Intervene with patients using messaging, video or phone.

DocIndy Services

Robust Care Plans

Our care plans are individually tailored for every patient's chronic conditions and current health status.

Provider Availability & Scheduling

Specify your availability, visit duration and charge amount to increase your patient coverage.

Store & Forward Communication

Balance the workload and increase patient satisfaction with evidence-based algorithmic guidelines.

Secure Messaging

Securely and conveniently exchange text, images, video, and audio with your patients.

Educational Material

We send relevant and educational material from trustworthy up-to-date sources to your patients.

Video Visits

Make your video visits super efficient by asking the patient evidence-based medical questions before the visit.


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