What is Chronic Care Management?

Chronic Care Management (CCM) services are available for patients who have two or more chronic conditions or on-going health problems. With CCM, you receive care from your doctor’s office between office visits, usually over the phone. CCM services help you manage your illnesses to improve your health and lower your medical costs.

What are chronic conditions?
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A chronic condition is a disease that affects you for at least 12 months and will get worse over time if not treated.
Examples of chronic conditions include the following:
• Arthritis
• Asthma
• Cancer
• Depression
• Diabetes
• Heart Disease
• High blood pressure
• Infectious diseases, such as Hepatitis C
• Irregular heart rhythm
• Loss of memory that is getting worse over time
• Lung diseases
• Mental health disorders
How does CCM start?
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To start receiving CCM services, you must tell your doctor you want CCM services. You can receive CCM services from only one doctor in a calendar month. You can stop receiving CCM services any time by telling your doctor.
If you decide to receive CCM services, your doctor will talk with you to develop a plan for your care. This plan will include your medical conditions and health care goals. A copy of this care plan will be given to you. You may also choose to share it with your caregivers and family members and/or your other doctors.
How can CCM help me?
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If you have CCM services, you can contact your doctor at any time – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You benefit by talking with someone who knows your medical history and needs.
You will have a care manager from your doctor’s office. Your care manager will check in with you between your office visits, usually by phone. These phone calls will help you stay on track with your care plan. During these calls, you can talk about your current health care needs and get answers to any questions.
CCM services may include phone calls with you, or calls with your family members or caregivers. Your care manager or doctor may also talk to your specialist doctors about your care. CCM services are based on your needs, so you may have CCM services every month, or less often.
What does CCM cost?
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CCM services are paid for by Medicare Part B, which means that Medicare pays for 80 percent of the service. You will have 20 percent copay, which is about $8 a month for 20 minutes of CCM services. If you have a Medicare supplemental insurance policy, then your Medicare supplemental insurance will pay the copay. If you are receiving Medicaid, your copay may be paid for by Medicaid, depending on how you qualified for Medicaid. Ask your doctor for details on how this applies to you.

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