Clinical Research. Even Better.

If you had the power to see the full patient journey, use technology to make participation more accessible, and provide direct care through remote patient monitoring—why wouldn’t you?

Fewer Obstacles. Greater Access.

Reduced burden of research equals better patient access and, ultimately, better science.

We’re reducing the burden of research on the patient—regardless of their race, gender, socioeconomic status, or ethnicity—through the use of mobile technology and connected devices.

Medication Adherance Rates
Acceleration Patient Enrollment Timeline
ePRO Rates for Primary Endpoint
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Better Research. Better Science.

Diverse data equals better science and, ultimately, better outcomes for patients.

We’re bridging the gap between patients—regardless of their race, gender, socioeconomic status, or ethnicity—and access to research through the use of mobile technology and connected devices.

Improved access.
Better care.

Connect more people with more care options—through technology.

Improved participant access to clinical trials also increases patient diversity. The ability to connect to a broader population increases the efficacy of treatments as well as the quality of clinical drug development.

Our ability to combine medical informatics with the augmented intelligence of our word-class data scientists allow us to track, interpret, and predict what works for unique and diverse patient populations. Decentralized clinical trials allow us to meet patients where they are—regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, or ethnicity.

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Clinical Research.
To go.

A better world is within reach—literally.

Better, faster, and burdenless care is possible with PRA. Our Mobile Health platform allows for decentralized clinical trials where patients are empowered to use what’s close to them—their own devices, in their own spaces, and on their own time. The innovation of decentralized clinal trials has seen a 22x acceleration of patient enrollment timelines.

This type of research takes patients out of the clinics and back into their everyday lives by leveraging tools like eConsent, push notifications, virtual visits, and wearables to reduce onsite visits. Decentralized clinical trials make it easier for all patients to participate and get the care they need.

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Get connected.
With patients.

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Get to know your patients better—for real.

Today’s patients already hold the future of healthcare in their hands. PRA’s digital health solutions leverage the technology at patients’ fingertips—smartphones, laptops, activity trackers, tablets, and more—to reach them around the world in real time. Patients can now connect with healthcare providers and care givers from the comfort of their own homes, creating an even wider and more efficient network of care.

We have seen medication adherence rates as high as 85% and ePRO rates for Primary Endpoint as high as 97% with these more robust methods of engagement. All patients have the ability to feel connected to their care when the power to engage is within reach.

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